About me

As comfortable in the media pit as I am in the mosh pit, music and street photography was my natural passion from a young age.

From shooting basement shows at The Kathedral to donning my first media lanyard, one thing has remained the same: I’m on home turf.

Cutting my teeth in the Southern Ontario Hardcore scene taught me from an early age that I was more comfortable off stage than I was on it, but my time on stage afforded me unique experience that allows me to view music photography through a different lens.

Capturing the candid emotion, passion and talent of the other musicians brought me more joy than playing to a full house ever did. It allowed me to express my creativity and passion for alternative music and underground culture in a medium that was more familiar.

Whether you’re looking for a seasoned photographer to cover your gig, or a dynamic band photoshoot, hit me up - I’d love to see what I can do for you.

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Since taking a many-year hiatus from shooting, I am currently in the process of rebuilding my portfolio to add current artists.

Below is a list of things I am looking to add. Think you’ve got something that fits the bill? Reach out. While I work mainly with metal, punk, and hardcore bands, I’m always willing to step out of the box.

Any ‘Wishlist’ bookings are free of charge within the GTA, but may incur a small travel fee (that is mutually agreed upon) if outside of the GTA.


Stadium live music

Behind-the-scenes Show day

In-studio BEHIND-THe-scenes


Bands or artists will receive full commercial publishing rights to all photos, and will receive the photos via high-res .jpeg in a Google Drive (unless otherwise requested).

Reach out via the contact form below, or send me a message on Instagram.